Alternative Cancer Treatment Physician

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What initially made me choose a career in medicine was my passion for biology, from knowledge of the animal kingdom to the individual cell. However, as I began my career I quickly discovered that serving others was my true calling and a noble, dignifying profession. I know there is no other job that would fulfill me as much as working as a doctor.

At CMN we do more than just treat patients, we build personal relationships with all who walk through our doors. My doctor-patient relationship is something that I encourage my patients to grade me on. It is the first thing I work on and as a result, my work greatly benefits. It is important for me to clear any doubts my patients or their families might have prior to the implementation of a procedure. I believe that if there is not a solid relationship built on a foundation of trust, then the treatment is incomplete.

Our experience is what forms us as medical professionals. In my experience working in internal medicine and cardiology, from my residence years to now as a specialist, I have had the good fortune of working alongside outstanding individuals. My time at a national general hospital provided me with insight into complicated cases that are rarely seen in small communities. This has helped me to amplify my knowledge in helping my patients.

The advice I give most often to our patients is to take care of their diet and to exercise often. This not only helps in avoiding complications such as chronic degenerative illness, but it also helps alleviate stress and anxiety and can enhance mental health. It is well known that stress is an important factor in the dysfunction of the immunological system.

The fact that I am helping someone is satisfaction in itself, but the most gratifying aspect of our work here is definitely the appreciation of our patients.

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