Central to our success at CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment is our commitment to our patients. Because we take a very individualized and personalized approach to cancer treatment, it’s imperative that we understand our patients’ needs, physical, spiritual, and emotional, in order to provide the best treatment possible. Our comprehensive approach is only made successful when our entire team of doctors, nurses, and other staff are wholeheartedly dedicated and committed to our clients.

Take a look at the values our team upholds, and how they impact our patients:

  • Quality

Our specialists work together to provide patients with the best cancer treatment protocols.

  • Trust

We develop patient trust through our medical team’s high level of competence, honesty, and care throughout the entire time a patient is with us.

  • Compassion

We are genuinely motivated to relieve our patient’s fears, pain and discomfort each day. CMN Hospital’s policy is compassion.

  • Educate

We keep patients up to date with the newest cancer research and treatments available.

  • Empower

It is our goal to empower patients mentally and emotionally to move forward and continue treatment at home with confidence as they continue to heal.

  • Inform

We are committed to informing patients about their choices and answering all their questions during and after their stay to provide reassurance.

  • Support

We offer support while patients are receiving treatment, and we emphasize the importance of maintaining this when going home.

  • Respect

We respect our patient’s individuality and belief systems, their right to privacy, and their right to determine their personal choices. The religious preferences and value systems of our patients may be different than ours. We will never initiate spiritual conversations with patients/visitors. However if we are asked to join in prayer for their emotional and spiritual support and we feel comfortable doing so, we may do so but will not initiate prayer with patients/families.

To learn more about our alternative cancer treatments or our overall program, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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