How to Stay Healthy while Traveling


When we’re constantly on the go, it can be difficult to maintain our health. We are focusing on our new experiences or the new environment we are in. We might be on different daily schedules from the ones we maintain back home that help us to stay healthy. Therefore, it is important to have a plan of attack and overall game plan that helps us prioritize our health before, during, and after our trip.

Tips for Staying Healthy while Traveling

  • Plan Ahead.

    • Pack your supplements to bring with you, and make a note of the time change (if there is one) so that you are able to take them over 24-hour period.

    • Pack a few snacks to carry with you, if you are able to. Some airports restrict homemade food as a carry on, but you can still bag nuts, grains, or trail mix in your checked bag.

    • Pay attention to your eyes: take eye drops if needed, use glasses instead of contacts, and avoid touching them excessively. This is especially important because “Studies show that lack of humidity in the enclosed space of the airplane cabin is one of the primary reasons for the higher risk of getting sick while flying. When your eyes are dry, it's more tempting to rub them, but touching your eyes is one of the primary means of transmitting cold and flu viruses.” [1]

  • Stretch your legs while you’re on the plane or train, taking a minute to walk up and down the aisle to stimulate further blood circulation.If you’re in a car, pull over occasionally to stretch your legs; you will possibly need to stop for a snack or bathroom break, so utilize that time to walk around the parking lot (but pay attention to your surroundings and stay in well-populated areas). 

  • Breathe! Breathing exercises are fairly easy to do and can be done anywhere. Take a few minutes to do these if you feel overwhelmed as they can make a major difference. Your mental and emotional health is just as critical as your physical health, so stay mindful of how you are feeling emotionally.

While You’re on Your Trip

  • Indulge, but in moderation. Vacations are often the time when we allow ourselves to indulge in extra desserts or treats, and this is absolutely okay! Just make sure you are not making every meal a treat meal, especially if your body is not used to eating that food on a regular basis, in order to help your digestive system stay on track.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for modifications with your meals. If you’d like the dressing on the side, grilled chicken instead of fried, vegetables instead of mashed potatoes… just ask! Oftentimes restaurants are accustomed to customers asking for slight variations to the items presented on the menu, and are happy to accommodate. Part of staying healthy while traveling means staying consistent, so if you are used to receiving adequate amounts of vegetables each day, do your best to maintain that while in a different location.

  • Customize based on youIf you aren’t used to eating 3 main meals a day, but rather 5 smaller meals, do that while traveling as well! Feel free to drop into a restaurant for a quick appetizer or order of 2 different sides, or find a grocery store near the hotel to stock up on easy snacks like carrots and hummus. Further, don’t feel pressured to order a large entrée if you don’t want to eat it. It is ultimately yourtrip, so do what you would like rather than what is expected of you. If you are traveling in a group with different eating preferences, try to find a compromise.

  • Get creative with your exercise. Oftentimes, people get more exercise than they realize when they are traveling. There is so much to see that we spend so much time walking around our new destination exploring. However, it can be more difficult to log in our cardio while on a business trip. If this is the case, try making simple adjustments such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to your destination instead of taking a cab (only if it is safe to do so and you are fairly close). 

  • Stretch! Take a few minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed to do some casual stretching. This helps to mitigate the soreness that comes from sitting for an extended amount of time when you’re on the plane, train, or in the car. 

  • Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy your experiences, and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t sticking to your normal schedule and routine. Part of traveling requires flexibility, so take the time to appreciate your ability to be spontaneous or go with the flow; focus on what you are doing and the new things you are experiencing rather than what you aren’t or can’t do. 

  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking water regularly, not just when you stop for food breaks. Your body will thank you!

  • Sleep! While there really is so much to see and so much to do, take the time to sleep when you need it – even if that means a midday nap. Sleep helps your body truly rest and rejuvenate, so it is absolutely imperative you are getting enough of it while you are traveling.

  • Protect your skin. Make sure you are wearing SPF sunscreen, even if you believe the weather will be overcast or you will spend most of the day inside.  

When you Return

  • Relax. Take a day or two to catch up on your sleep and re-adjust to your current time zone. Your body needs time to rejuvenate, so award it that time to get back into the natural swing of things.

  • If you don’t feel well (even slightly) after you return, book an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. If it is more urgent, go to the emergency room. 

Traveling to Us

CMN Hospital is located in Mexico, 16 blocks from the border. We wrote this blog to help all readers, especially those that are considering coming to our hospital for treatment. CMN Hospital is all about compassionate care that extends far beyond your hospital stay; we want you to feel at ease traveling to and from our hospital, and to know that your health is our ultimate priority. To contact us about coming to CMN, you can email us at or contact us here.


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