Alternative Cancer Treatment Physician

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I chose to pursue medicine as a career because I wanted to cure and help others. I felt a calling to practice anesthesiology, specifically because I have an empathic sensitivity towards trauma and oncology patients in pain. As the resident anesthesiologist at CMN, I take special care to create customized pain management solutions tailored to each patient’s unique situation.

I see pain as multilevel – physical, mental, and emotional – and I implement treatment plans that reflect this. Managing the psychological aspects of pain plays a very important role in my field and my standard practice is to bring a sense of calm to each patient. Not only is it important to me that I treat my patients’ discomfort, but I also want them to feel secure about how their pain is being treated. Compassion is crucial in managing oncological pain and I do everything in my power to help patients feel at ease.

As a specialist, I have acquired techniques in my 13 years of experience that allow me to zero in on each patient’s needs. I make it my mission to know each patient’s health history, including any pre-existing conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or cardiac problems. This helps me to administer anesthesia that is appropriate for each patient. I also like to educate my patients on what I am doing, step by step, guiding them through the details of what is to come before their surgery ever begins. I want them to feel included and actively involved in all facets of the pain management process.

The most gratifying thing about our work here is when a patient comes out of surgery comfortably and without any complications; it’s common for me to hear them ask, “Is it over? I didn’t feel anything!” Comfort is key with my position in the hospital, and I want every patient to be as comfortable as possible, both before and after surgery.

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