frequently asked questions

Q. What is CMN Hospital like?

A. CMN Hospital is a full-service, privately owned hospital which maintains a full-time staff of CMN doctors specializing in orthopedics, pulmonary, cardiology, hematology, internal medicine, gynecology, oncology and other specialties and surgeons. Full 24-hour staff of RN’s and various healthcare workers whose job is to make “your visit as comfortable and productive” as possible. In-hospital facilities include an Emergency Room, ICU, Operating Rooms, Radiology, Pharmacy, and Chapel. CMN Hospital is just 14 blocks from the San Luis, AZ border. Please Enjoy our Video! CMN HOSPITAL

Q. May I bring a family member or caregiver?

A.Yes. A companion can be additional support emotionally. Some patients want to get away to have alone time. We provide an extra bed in your hospital room for your companion. They will be served healthy meals and snacks and enjoy the hospital amenities with you.

Q. What should I pack?

A. Pack only for one week. Pack comfortable clothing (include 100% cotton attire for Hyperbaric Chamber), footwear, laptop, DVD’s and favorite toiletries, hairdryer, etc. You will need to wear cotton in the hyperbaric chamber, and no jewelry or metal is allowed in the chamber. We provide you with cotton hospital gowns as well.

Free laundry service for you and your companion, so pack light.

Q. How are my hospital room accommodations?

A. Your hospital room is very comfortable & private. Each room has

  • A remote temperature control for your comfort

  • A bathroom and shower

  • TV/DVD Player

  • WI-Fi

  • Local landline phone in your room for incoming calls

  • US/Canada electrical receptacles/outlets

  • Small refrigerator

  • Coffee maker upon request

  • A sofa love seat and a recliner chair

    Plenty of room to add a bed for your companion.

    Your comfort is important, so please inform us what will help make you feel more at home.

Q. What kind of food is served?

A. CMN hospital's dietician will discuss your food allergies and preferences with you. CMN hospital has a cancer diet which benefits the treatment protocol.

You will be served 3 healthy organic non-GMO meals and snacks each day. Food restrictions:

No: beef, pork, dairy, sugar or sugar substitute. We use stevia for sweetener.

Let us know of any favorites so we can include them in your meals.

Q. Is there a hotel recommendation in Yuma if I fly in a day early?

A. Yes! Yuma Holiday Inn is the most highly recommended hotel by our former patients. Our medical team will schedule to pick you up at this hotel the day of your admittance around 11:00 AM MST.

Q. Where do patients fly in?

A.  Yuma Arizona International Airport It is a small award-winning airport with only one terminal gate. It is very easy for patients and the medical team to connect with each other as soon as the patient arrives to the airport. The medical team will be there waiting. Please call us before scheduling your flight so we may approve and coordinate your itinerary.

Q. Which flights fly to Yuma International Airport?

A. Use Sky Scanner to find out! Click on Link SkyScanner.

Q. Can I meet the medical team and park my car somewhere in Yuma for the entire time I am at the hospital?

A. Yes. Yuma Airport is a great meetup which you can coordinate with our medical team before picking you up. It is approximately $8.00 a day for parking. Airport Parking Information.

Q. Why are many of these treatments not offered in U.S. Hospitals?

A. Many of CMN’s advanced treatments are proven to be very effective but not made available to other countries yet. Advanced Cancer treatments include Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant and Dendritic Cell Therapy. Alternative therapies such as B-17 I.V. (Laetrile, ) which are not FDA approved, have been proven to destroy cancer cells.

Q. Is there a dentist at the hospital to remove amalgam fillings or gutta percha from root my root canals?

A. Yes! We can set up an appointment for you with Dr. Sabino our dental surgeon while you are at the hospital to discuss dental cleaning and other dental work. The dental surgeon’s office is at the hospital.

Q. Do I need to bring additional money?

A. having additional money is nice to have If you like to shop, go see a movie, or visit one of our wonderful spas or treat yourself to some of the San Luis authentic Mexican Cuisine. There is a convenient money exchange walking distance just one block from the hospital and nearly every business establishment accepts US currency.

Q. Who will pick me up from Yuma Airport?

A. CMN hospital's medical team! Arrangements are made in advance to pick you and your companion up and bring you straight to CMN Hospital for admittance. It takes approximately thirty minutes to get to CMN Hospital in San Luis, Sonora Mexico.

Q. When do I book my return flight?

A. Book your return flight in advance as possible for the day after” your “last day of treatment. ”This means your flight home is always on “the same weekday” you started treatment. You’ll be discharged from CMN the following day after your last treatment day.

Please book your return home departure flight from Yuma AZ around 12 Noon MST or later to give the medical team ample time to get you to the airport. The medical team will give you and your companion a ride to the Airport.

Q. What happens when I go home?

A. Once you are discharged from the hospital you may feel a little anxiety because you have had weeks of good compassionate care 24/7 at CMN Hospital. Many patients feel relaxed while at CMN and returning home means you will be in charge of your after care. The monthly Skype video call with Dr. Payan will be a great way to stay connected. It is important for you to follow your discharge instructions and take your prescribed aftercare therapies.

Q. How will I stay in contact with my doctor in Mexico?

A. You will schedule monthly follow-up Skype video calls by calling your patient care coordinator 1-844-371-1117 and making an appointment with Dr. Payan.

If the call is urgent, do not wait call 911 if you need medical attention or for urgent questions, email your patient care coordinator immediately and schedule sooner.

Q. Where are your patient testimony videos of success?

A. CMN Hospital  does not video record any of their patients. All of our hospital physicians adhere to the ethics and the promise they made when they took the Hippocratic Oath. An excerpt from the Hippocratic oath with regard to patient testimonials: 

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know (World-wide-web). Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. ~Hippocratic Oath

“I want my patients to always to feel comfortable as they heal"

~ Dr. Payan