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Being a dental surgeon with a DDS allows me to help patients in ways that many other doctors cannot. I wanted a career that allowed me to help people and improve their health, and this is certainly a great way to accomplish those goals.

I know that many of my patients have an instinctual fear of the dentist, so I intentionally do everything I can to make them feel comfortable and know me personally as someone that they can trust. I strive to build a strong relationship with my patients so I know the vast majority of them on a first-name basis. When you enjoy your job as much as I do, forming bonds and connections with your patients is rarely an effort but always a reward.

In addition to becoming moral support for my patients, I want them to know that my professional opinion is solid and always directed towards their best interests. I believe that my extensive experience as a dental surgeon helps my patients know that I mean the best for them. I am familiar with all kinds of oral problems and solutions to fix them. However, when a specialist opinion is required, I let my patients know and refer them to one that I know can help them with as much compassion and knowledge as myself.

The most rewarding part of my job, without a doubt, is seeing my patients’ be able to smile again without pain. It might sound a little cliché but it is absolutely true. If I would have to give them just one bit of advice about dental hygiene, it would be to schedule regular, precautionary visits. That way problems can be found before they get worse and cause significant pain.

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