CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment

CMN Hospital is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing the latest in advanced alternative cancer treatments to our patients. For over thirty years, CMN Hospital has earned an outstanding reputation internationally as an exceptional provider of Alternative Cancer Treatments that have proven effective.

Dr. Payan received his doctorate from UAEH and completed his medical training in holistic therapy in Ventura CA, San Antonio TX, Las Vegas NV And In Mexico. As the leading general hospital and founder of the CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment, Dr. Edgar Felipe Payan Arechiga is committed to the individual treatment of each patient. His legacy of compassion, integrity, work ethic and dedication to address each patient’s unique needs and circumstances set the tone for the entire hospital.

When it is time for your discharge, you will feel prepared with an aftercare treatment protocol set in place. Dr. Payan will develop and discuss your individualized at home treatment plan with you before you leave. You will continue the doctor-patient connection that was established during your stay, and you will leave with reassurance knowing that you are not alone.

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